3 Sustainability / Green Solutions (G4-EC2)

More than offering tools and engaging its employees in environment protection, Allianz Seguros also develops projects to reduce the impacts of its policyholders. The company provides the "Green Solutions", which aim to protect natural resources and encourage responsible practices. The following are among the products:

Home, Condominiums, Corporate SME: Allianz was one of the first insurance companies in Brazil to provide, in 2013, sustainable services in policies for small and medium-sized enterprises, homes and condominiums. Service consists of Sustainable Consulting – in which the company's experts give tips on water and electric power saving -, and also in the Ecological Disposal, which offers assistance to remove and dispose of items that are no longer used by policyholders. In these three years, Allianz reached the mark of 344 tons of furniture, appliances, electronics, debris and the remains of construction work collected across Brazil, and in 2015 alone, 250 tons had the correct destination. Also, an economy of 50,084,000 m³ of water and 757,050,000 kWh were recorded at customers after the consulting service.

4 Sustainability / Disposal (G4-EN23, G4-FS5)

Another important initiative by Allianz for waste reduction is carried out by the Claims Department. Since 2013, the company has been developing a salvage collection project, in which it is responsible for collecting the damaged property in order to make an ecologically correct disposal. Allianz also guides its partner workshops to provide the correct destination for the parts, oils, tires and any kind of scrap of cars that undergo repair. Accredited car repair shops are also encouraged to repair the parts, whenever possible, ensuring safety of vehicle users, rather than simply replacing them and generating more waste.

5 - Sustainability / Debate (G4-16)

Allianz in Brazil integrates the Sustainability and Innovation Committee and Working Group of the National Confederation of General Insurance, Private Pension & Life, Supplementary Health and Capitalization (CNSEG), the Sustainability Committee of the Spanish Chamber, and the Sustainability Committee of the German Chamber, participating in discussions in search of opportunities to reduce the impacts of operations and generate possibilities to reduce consumption of natural resources.