5 Stakeholder Relations / Society

Society: Transforming Values into Actions
(G4-26, G4-FS1, G4-FS5, G4-FS14, G4-FS15, G4-FS16)

In 2015, Allianz Seguros reinforced the attitude of "Transforming Values Into Actions" by establishing a partnership with the Ayrton Senna Institute and launching Allianz Auto Instituto Ayrton Senna, providing education to thousands of children. There were also important actions by the Charity Association of the Employees of the Allianz Group (ABA) and by programs geared toward sports, financial education, and training of young adults.

Allianz Auto Instituto Ayrton Senna: the first auto insurance in Brazil with a social benefit, the Allianz Auto Instituto Ayrton Senna was launched in April 2015. The initiative underscores Allianz's conviction about the importance of investing in education, in addition to associating the brand with the Institute and the person that inspired it. The fact that the Allianz Group is an important partner of the Formula 1™ championship further reinforces this winning partnership. Part of the amount received for each policy of this insurance issued by Allianz Brazil goes to the Ayrton Senna Institute - an entity with 22 years of operation that directly benefits two million students in 1,300 Brazilian cities and trains 75,000 educators per year. The Institute is a reference as a nongovernmental organization that works toward the education of children and adolescents throughout the country. This partnership should assist 75,000 students throughout the five years of the agreement. In addition to the social benefit and the importance for the Allianz Seguros brand, the product was put together as a favorable package deal for customers.

ABA: in 2015, the Charity Association of the Employees of the Allianz Group (ABA) assisted 302 children, 210 adolescents, and 60 adults. Founded in 1994, the institution works toward the educational and cultural development of children and adolescents in the community of Santa Rita, in the district of Cangaíba, in the west side of the city of São Paulo. More than 6,000 kids have taken part in the activities provided by ABA to complement their formal education, such as visual arts, dance, music, sports, computer education, the Training Program for Adolescents (in partnership with SENAC), the Social and Environmental Development Program, and the Sustainable Actions Program.

My Finance Coach: is a nonprofit initiative created with the support of the Allianz Group in Germany in 2010 and which has benefited 870,000 children and adolescents in 17 countries, providing knowledge on personal finance. In Brazil since 2013, the program has benefited more than 6,000 kids between 10 and 16 years of age in the country, from 17 institutions in São Paulo, Campinas, and Rio de Janeiro, including private and public schools, and NGOs. The idea is to instruct them on intelligent management of money and increase their perception of actual gains in their personal lives through consistent financial decisions. Relevant aspects of economics, such as interest, are introduced in an informative and practical manner. In the buying module, they learn to evaluate the influence of advertising and responsible consumption. The purpose of this approach is to offer young people the tools to become financially capable citizens in order to create a stable future. In 2015, the project received in Brazil the ENEF seal, of the National Strategy on Financial Education, associated with the National Committee for Financial Education (CONEF). Among the criteria that helped give this project this recognition are: to be inclusive and free of charge, and cover content associated with citizenship, responsible consumption, personal and family budget, savings and investment, and financial planning.