4 Stakeholder Relations / Vendors

Vendors: Strong and Reliable Team (G4-12, G4-HR1)

Every agreement with a vendor includes specific clauses associated with labor practices and human rights. The following are among the various vendor categories with which Allianz interfaces in the course of its businesses:

• Surveyors;

• Claims experts;

• Assistance services (tow trucks);

• Repair shops;

• Hospitals;

• Clinics;

• IT consulting services;

• Communications and marketing agencies;

• Print shops;

• Cleaning services;

• Building security services.

Allianz's vendors are selected based on business needs and prices. A minimum of three price quotes are requested for each service to be hired. If the proposal with the minimum price is not chosen, technical differences must be proven by the requesting area.

Currently, the company relies on 388 vendors associated with administrative services, which received BRL 29.9 million in 2015.