3 Stakeholder Relations / Customers

Customers: Focus on Quality (G4-DMA , G4-26, G4-PR5)

In order to provide services to 1.3 million customers throughout Brazil, Allianz has in place a customer Communication project which, in its second year, proved to be an important channel between the company and auto and motorcycle insurance policyholders. This action is a means to promote greater proximity to policyholders by sending e-mail or text message communication informing about the use of insurance in accordance with the term of the policy, or in a specific situation, such as the renovation period, assistance or claim. Another communication channel with end customers is the Contact Center, which in 2015 received the following calls:

In order to recognize, value, and promote improvements in services, Allianz launched the second edition of the incentive campaign - called EstrelAZ - for the Back Office and Contact Center areas. Through this initiative, it was possible to reduce the absenteeism rate as well as tardiness and errors in the activities and improve overall performance of each employee.

Customer satisfaction

The strategy of the Allianz Group makes customers a company priority. Their satisfaction is measured continuously using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology, a score that indicates the willingness of customers to recommend Allianz to friends and peers. NPS is already in use in the company, but in the future, it will play a key role in the planning process throughout the Group and will have direct influence on variable remuneration. The goal is that at least 75% of the companies of the Allianz Group can surpass their competitors in terms of NPS. When this goal is achieved, Allianz should attract an estimated 5 million new customers and generate additional premiums calculated at € 6.5 billion a year.