1 Stakeholder Relations / Employees

Stakeholder Relations: the reason of the business (G4-24)

In order to establish who Allianz Brazil's stakeholders are, it is important to consider the very purpose of an insurance company. By ensuring the safety of the assets and services of its customers, the company plays an important role for society, since its operation allows for, whenever necessary, replacement of assets, assistance to families, and guarantees employment. In order to carry out this work, the company relies on employees, agents and business partners, and complies with regulations from government and regulatory agencies. In addition to its commercial operations, the company supports social programs in the communities where it operates.

Employees: the most valuable asset (G4-10, G4-26, G4-EC3, G4-FS5)

In 2015, a very challenging year, a series of external and internal factors affected Allianz Seguros and the insurance market as a whole, such as the critical political-economic environment in Brazil, which directly reduced the volume of business. In this scenario, company employees showed their commitment to Allianz's goals and proved to be engaged in overcoming challenges. In order to care for the career and well-being of its professionals, in 2015 Allianz consolidated certain practices in the areas of recruitment and human resources that were being studied and implemented. Innovation was the key word.

Certain important initiatives for employees were:

• Digitizing legal procedures, statements, forms, documents of the HR department and other reports. The work was completed during the year and resulted in greater agility in processes, in addition to representing economic gains and adding another sustainable practice to those already adopted by the company.