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Awards and Recognition

In 2015, Allianz Seguros received the following awards:

100 Best Companies in Corporate Citizenship: ranking by the Gestão RHmagazine.

Segurador BrasilAward: recognition in the Market Leader category, with General Liability and National Transports, and Largest Growth in Sales, in Maritime Risks and Home. The award is offered by the Segurador Brasil magazine, of the publishing house Brasil Notícias. Allianz Seguros closed the period analyzed for the award (January to November, 2014) as a leader in General Liability, a position we have occupied since 2011.

Sindirepa-SP Award - The Best in the Year: the company ranked among the three largest companies in 2015 in the assessment of the Automotive Intelligence Center (CINAU) with 300 vehicle repair shops associated with the Vehicle Repair Industry Union.

XV Insurance Market Award - Golden Seagull Trophy: the award was given for the General Liability and Home portfolio, in the Product Excellence category - Insurance Companies, Innovation, Growth and Productivity. Performance in each segment was taken into account according to the Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP) and the ratings of insurance and information from the Insurance Agent Union of the State of São Paulo (SINCOR-SP).

XVIII Performance Coverage Award: the National Transport, and Burglary and Theft portfolios were selected among those that had the best economic-financial performance between 2014 and the first half of 2015, representing the period covered by the award of the Insurance Rating, by economist Francisco Galiza.

Global Insurance Awards: Allianz Seguros was a highlight in the World Finance Best General Insurance Company category, 2015, Brazil, in the award promoted by World Finance, a renowned British business publication, in recognition of the best companies for general and life insurance in 58 countries, which are capable of remaining ahead of the market, providing support to consumers and generating good returns to its customers.